Our Judges

Some are doing double duty, judging both night, but all are simply fabulous and we are so pleased to have them.

Azure D'Murre.jpg

Azure D'Murre


Judging Saturday competition
D'Murre by name, demure by nature ... or is she? 
Coolly elegant Azure D'Murre weaves a glamourous spell over her audience, but she's a capricious lady who, with a change of key and a flick of her heel becomes more than you bargained for. 
She was first attracted to burlesque by the vintage glamour, endless creativity and good (mostly-clean) fun that this art-form provides. From Auckland to Christchurch, she has performed across New Zealand and is known for her classic style. Highlights in recent years include being selected to perform at the New Zealand Burlesque Festival in 2014, and to compete in the Grand Tease national burlesque competition in 2015 and 2016. — with Azure D'Murre.

Constance Mayhem

Judging Saturday competition
Burlesque storyteller extraordinaire, Constance Maehem, is known for her larger than life performances. New Zealand’s DIY Burleskiwi Queen for 2016 revels in bringing the unexpected to the stage. Wherever she goes she takes pleasure in weaving sparkly tales of magic and maehem that are not easily forgotten. Constance Maehem first entered the world of burlesque with Ayl... See more

 — with Constance Maehem.

Mr Lola illusion

He will charm you with his smile, the suggestive twinkle in his eye will bewitch you and when he sashays into your life you will never be the same.

A master of prestidigitation and a showman of the highest calibre Mr Illusion has performed all over the country (there are whispers that he has performed miracles in the Asian continent and the far flung antipodean colony of... See more

 — withMr Lola Illusion.

Ballet School Dropouts.jpg

Ballet School Dropouts

Judging Friday competiton
Once upon a time there were two prim and proper ballerinas, full of hopes and dreams for the future, found themselves lost on the way home from Sunday school. They happened upon a glittery door sporting a Red Delicious apple and hoping to get directions, the pair entered the establishment and came out dressed only in their dignity. The rest is history!
Dahlia Dangerous an... See more

 — with Trillian,The Ballet School Dropouts and Dahlia Dangerous.

MisRed Delicious

Judging both competitions
Like a freshly picked apple MisRed Delicious is juicy, sweet and a little bit…. Tart. She delights audiences with her insatiable need to tease using her talent for concealing and revealing.
MisRed Delicious is an internationally renowned, multiple title and award winning burlesque entertainer. She is the co-producer of the NZ Burlesque Festival and mistress of Red Rascal Productions which boasts a burlesque academy, regular shows and tour support for burlesque artists. MisRed is a passionate force in the New Zealand Burlesque scene, and is fast building an international profile having performed around the world, including throughout Europe, the USA and Australia. — with MisRed.