DIY BurlesKIWI 2018 Application

Saturday 1st June 2019

Competition Information and contestant information can be downloaded from our facebook page but Applications will only be accepted by completing the below form

There are limited positions available in the competition.  No communication or late entries will be accepted. 

Applicant Information

  • There is No Application Fee

  • No Performance Fee will be paid to the competitors

  • We require 2 weeks notice of cancellation prior to the competition ( Saturday 19th May 2019 )

  • If for unforeseen reasons the show is canceled, You will be given 14 days written notice where possible. No remuneration will be given

  • 1 discounted ticket will be made available to each contestant

  • We require 1x high-resolution photograph for promotional purposes. This will be used on our social media pages, printed material and our website.

Name *
Contact Phone Number
Contact Phone Number

Terms and Conditions

  1. The budget for each competitor’s entry is $100 or less – top to toe.

  2. You may use 1 borrowed item.

  3. You may use 1 existing item you own.

  4. Your budget is to include all props.

  5. Your budget excludes transport.

  6. You may use items found in public places, i.e. beaches, parks, etc (feathers, shells, etc).

  7. Existing items you own are to be included as part of your budget and do not count as “found” items. (Excluding the 1x existing item allowed as per clause 3 of these Terms and Conditions.)

  8. No gifted items are allowed.

  9. No personal sponsors.

  10. An itemized expense sheet plus copies of receipts (if possible) is required as part of your entry. A spreadsheet template will be provided on acceptance of entry.

  11. Expense sheets that are provided by the producers must be filled out and returned to the producers no later than 2 weeks before the date of of competition (3 June 2017). N.B. The Expense Sheet will be signed off by producers, and copies given to judges on the day of the competition.

  12. Expense Sheets will include your performer name, the name of your act, all items used in your entry, including items that are found, the 1x borrowed and 1x existing items allowed, and the costs associated with each. The time that you spend putting together your entry is not required but can also be included if you so wish.

  13. Returning this application constitutes agreement to our terms and conditions.

  14. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

judging criteria

All contestants will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Costume and budget = Total of 25 points

  • Innovativeness = Total of 25 points

  • Performance = Total of 25 points

  • Package – Performance combined with budget, costume, music and props = Total of 25 points

  • Total of 100 points

A breakdown of the judging criteria is as follows:

 COSTUME & BUDGET = 25 points

  • Does the costume work with the acts concept?

  • Does the costume look good?

  • Is the costume effective and is it used effectively?

  • Was it good value for money?

  • Did it come under budget?


  • Has the performer thought outside the box?

  • The use any unusual items or materials.

  • Did you see something new?

  • Is the costume innovative?

  • Is the costume used in an original way?

  • Is the act innovative?


  • Stage presence.

  • Was the audience’s attention held?

  • The performers entrance and exit.

  • Interaction with the audience.

  • How polished is the performance?

PACKAGE = 25 points

  • Does everything work together cohesively?

  • Does the music suit the routine?

  • Are the costume and props appropriate?

  • Is the act enjoyable/entertaining?

  • Does the audience enjoy the act? Is the audience entertained?

  • Would anyone be able to guess that the act was brought together for under $100.00 if they weren’t aware of the criteria?